Scalford Church of England Primary School

Always trying to do our best so that we can shine

Pupils' Zone

We actively encourage pupils to take responsibility for the welfare and running of the school and believe that 'pupil-voice' is a vital part in developing our school vision.


Children are encouraged to be part of decision making within school and are also encouraged to take up posts of responsibility such as School Council, Monitors, Junior Road Safety Officer and Play leaders.


School Council and Pupil Voice

Children have the opportunity, during their time at Scalford, to be a School Councillor.


The Council includes pupils from Year 3 to Year 6. Meetings take place throughout the term. School Council members represent their class in organising, planning and discussing ideas to take place in school.


The Council has an elected Chair and Secretary, who lead the meetings.

School Council Report


We are the school council and we are the voice. We meet regularly usually during our dinner time We are here to get suggestions from the children to find out what they would like to happen in school. We share information after our meetings.


We are very important at our school and believe our ideas and opinions are valued.


Why do we want to be part of the School Council?


We help to raise money by helping with lots of different activities, like selling poppies to cake sales. We always choose what we will do on fundraising days for different charities. We have messy hair days, non-uniform days and many other fun days that help us raise money. At Scalford School we understand that sometimes people need our help and we like to help those less fortunate in the world.


When we have raised money for our school we talk to the children to find out what they would like. We have just decided to spend some money on new books and an educational visit next summer.


We like to talk to the teachers and feel that our meetings are really good. We have just worked with our Headteacher on our new school development plan and we want to:


  • Buy new reading books,
  • Have one on one meetings with the teachers each term,
  • Do more science investigation work,
  • Have end of term themed celebrations of our topics where we can dress up and do fun activities,
  • Develop the school Blog and have more laptops in the classrooms.


6. We enjoy our job because we can help organise fun events. We share ideas from all of the children.


The main aim of the School Council is to help to make our school a better place and to give an opportunity to have our ideas and opinions heard.


House Captains


At Scalford, each child is placed into a House Team.


Every year, a member of Year 6 is nominated to be a House Captain, who helps to lead their team and organise events.


Green Team


We encourage children to take an active interest in their environment.


As a school we are working to reduce the energy we use. Our Green Team help us to come up with ideas to support our Eco work and help carry these out. The lead by example with Eco Missions such as reduce, reuse, recycle and ensuring we save electricity by turning off lights.


Green Team Report


Hi we are the green team. We help save money by making sure lights are switched off when we leave the room. We check that doors are closed to help keep the warmth in. We carry out monthly surveys to see how well we are doing.


Electricity is very expensive and using quite a large amount of our school budget so we try to help by reducing the amount we use. Our motto is ‘If we don’t need it, we don’t use it so that we don’t waste it or pay for it?