Scalford Church of England Primary School

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Allotment Update

The last school visit was on March 17th when we had the Mayor of Melton Mowbray plant an apple tree. This and the cherry tree are both doing well. Children planted potatoes as part of a competion for primary schools. These had to be lifted on June 16th, weighed and the results submitted. As can be seen from the photo, they should have been in for at least another month.
Mrs. Lee kindly acted as our local Judge and she spotted a toad as we opened one of the bags. She is holding it in her hand!
The children who came to Creative Church on March 5th sowed some sunflower seeds in pots. These germinated and were planted out in the wild flower area. They have grown very well, nearly 3 foot tall and are strong enough not to need staking. They will remind us of Mrs Janet Allen, a keen Scalford gardener, who sadly died on March 26th. There are other flowers in the area including the blue phacelia, sometimes used by farmers as a 'green manure'.
We are looking forward to next term when the children should be able to visit the allotment again. Families are always welcome to visit and see what is going on. The plot is at the Horsepool site and is 6th up on the left of the grass drive.