Scalford Church of England Primary School

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Allotment Club - so the children love strawberries!

A group from Base 2 were kept busy potting on strawberry runners because, although we do have strawberries on the school plot, we don't have enough to satisfy their appetites. The best way to propagate good strawberries is to pot up young and rooted runners and let them grow on in the shade. So we did 20 plants and hope to get fruit from them next year.
The strawberies on the school plot were not quite ripe enough so the children went next door to my plot and picked 2 tubs full to take back to school for the staff room to enjoy, which they did! Of course a few may have been eaten in the process!
This week we are planting leek seedlings ready for the winter and hope to be able to share them with parents. We are taking precautions against allium leaf miner, a fly that lays eggs on the leaves whilst sucking the sap. The eggs form grubs that spoil the leek with staining. There is no cure apart from protection so we shall cover the leeks with a fly-proof mesh.