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Waste Awareness Day

24 February 2017

On Friday the 24th February Base 3 had an exciting visitor. Allen from pals productions came in to teach us about the three Rs – Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.

We learnt a cool rap to remind us about the importance of the three Rs. Our first activity was making us think of ways of to reuse a milk carton. We thought of: a pencil holder, a watering can, a plant pot, a small animal water bottle.

We all realise that we need to buy food with less or no packaging as this creates too much landfill for our planet. We ask all families at Scalford school to think about this when shopping for food.

We had fun working in groups using our bodies to make a recycled object; we chose a pop up book made from recycled paper and card.

The final activity was thinking about composting our food waste. We held some lovely worms and smelt some non-composted compost as well as the real thing.

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