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Epiphany French Day

7 January 2016

In celebration of Epiphany, in France a Festival of the King (Fete des Rois) celebration is held signifying the end of Christmas when a king (or three kings) brought gifts of gold, frankincense an myrrh to baby Jesus.

In true Scalford style and very ably organised by Madame Musson; who worked tirelessly in the kitchen and baked Galete de Rois with the children. The Galete de Rois consists of puff pastry filled with a style of frangipane and a cream made with butter, eggs and sugar and usually has a hidden gift inside.

They are sold in boulangeries in France complete with a crown. Not to be out shone our teachers helped groups of children make the ‘crowning’ glory whilst Mr Leonard, on his accordion, taught a French song! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day with lots of French being spoken throughout the school.

A big thank you to Madame Musson and the team for working so hard to make the day so successful - we look forward to the next French day which is planned towards the end of term.

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